Leaseurope has recently welcomed the
Leasing Committee of the Bank Association of Slovenia into its
membership. The addition of this new member confirms that the
long-term approach of Leaseurope in expanding eastwards is a
continuing positive development, which, Leaseurope asserts, has
resulted in coverage that is incomparable in terms of geographical
spread for a European federation.

The federation now comprises 46 leasing and automotive rental
associations in 34 European countries.

The past few months have seen a number of changes that have
reshaped Leaseurope and its operation. The recent reorganisation
and enlargement of its Brussels office reflect a desire to have a
more business-oriented structure focused on delivering better value
to its members. This has already created new opportunities to
network, build expertise and engage with third parties. Leaseurope
and its member associations will certainly benefit from such a
strong presence in Brussels given the challenges ahead.

Tanguy van de Werve, director general of Leaseurope, commented:
“I am delighted that the Slovenian leasing industry as represented
by the Leasing Committee of the Bank Association of Slovenia has
decided to join Leaseurope. This makes Leaseurope even more
representative and credible, which are strengths in today’s
fast-changing environment. The challenges ahead are numerous; yet
by joining forces, the European leasing and automotive rental
industry is in a better position to face them.”

Anton Romih, chairman of the Leasing Committee of the Bank
Association of Slovenia, added: “Having the Leasing Committee join
Leaseurope is viewed as a very significant step for us. To become a
part of Leaseurope was requested by all of our member leasing
companies which, together, represent an aggregated balance sheet of
€3.8bn and have a 78 per cent share of the Slovenian leasing

“Slovenia is an EU member and Slovenian leasing companies are
operating within the European business and legal framework. This
partnership means gaining new experiences, representing common
interests at the European level and new business