Leasing companies could provide vital support
to the NHS by releasing the public body’s “frozen capital”,
according to a recent report published by Siemens Financial
Services (SFS).

The report, Frozen Capital in Healthcare:
An Update
, estimates that £1.8 billion (€2.1 billion)
of NHS capital is tied up “inefficiently”, adding that future
shortfalls in public coffers may force the public body to seek more
cost-effective means of funding technology.

The report argues that regular technological
advances often mean that machines are outdated within 12 months of
purchase. This leaves health authorities under pressure to
find ways to finance up-to-date replacements.

General manager for public sector at SFS,
David Martin, commented: “Leasing and rental are important tools
which help healthcare systems afford the most up-to-date equipment
and medical technology, as well as rapidly improving

Sophie Helyer