LTi Technology Solutions provides a full lifecycle Cloud platform of equipment finance and asset-based lending products.

We are a passionate and customer-obsessed, global company that works with enterprises throughout the US, UK, and Canada. We take a partnership approach with our customers. Backed by our 30+ year history supporting the equipment finance and asset-based lending industry, we bring a deep history to our customers to find the right solutions. We provide customizable features and products needed to support end-to-end lifecycle management for equipment finance and asset-based institutions. LTi makes processes more efficient and scalable.

ASPIRE is a reliable and robust platform that can handle lifecycle management requirements and provide easy scalability for our customers to meet their growth goals. ASPIRE can be configured to manage every process seamlessly and that gives you the ability to streamline complex workflows, automate redundant tasks, and achieve new levels of efficiency.

Recent Enhancements

The ASPIRE platform provides cutting-edge functionality for the entire lifecycle of an equipment finance or asset-based contract on one system and continues to evolve using the latest technologies from Microsoft.

LTi’s flexible architecture provides customers with the ability to grow, and take their business in any direction they choose while still utilizing the same system. We have a diverse client base from varying industries and more than 120 that are hosted, bringing a robust set of solutions to support any process or need.