LTi Technology Solutions (LTi), providing lease and loan cloud platforms to equipment and asset finance lenders and hybrid brokers, is excited to announce that Creative Vision Finance is driving its digital transformation with the implementation of LTi’s new fast-track Entry Level platform – ASPIRE Express.

Creative Vision Finance (CVF) identified a growing need for digital innovation that will transform their customer experience for their broker and own funded transactions whilst also enabling them to manage wholesale blocking lines to fuel their own book growth.

While searching for a technology partner to support its business, CVF was confident that LTi’s ASPIRE Express platform would support their current and future needs. This partnership was built around LTi’s long-standing presence in the industry in the US and significant growth in the UK over the last six years, along with a deep understanding of CVF’s business.

ASPIRE Express was implemented in less than six weeks and provides CVF with a complete lifecycle management platform needed for both billing and servicing, management of the assets being funded and management of all their wholesale funding lines with full MI reporting functionality with the ability to tap into infinite data and resources to make quick and accurate decisions.

Creative Vision Finance director Rebecca Price said: “The journey with LTi has been exceptional from start to finish. Every single employee that has touched this project has been an utter delight to work with. LTi was always the preferred option, having worked with other systems in the past, but the price point for a new start business with a very small book made us have to explore the market. Having pressed the button and started implementation with another provider, Robert Taylor, then presented the ASPIRE Express option. The existing system wasn’t delivering the solutions we needed and were promised, or the support internally to get it live. Luckily they accepted this and we were able to unwind the agreement and plough ahead with LTi. The ASPIRE Express system is incredibly user-friendly and versatile, which, having come from a sales background, has made the leap so smooth. In a world where mediocrity seems ok, working with an outstanding team and system has been a breath of fresh air!

LTi Technology Solutions UK Country Manager Robert Taylor said: “It’s been a fantastic journey to work with Rebecca and CVF to deliver within six weeks their new finance platform. LTi delivered a fast track system build within a very short period of time and we are now looking forward to working with CVF to deliver further functionality when they require it to help them scale and grow without adding headcount whilst serving their customer needs.”