LTi Technology Solutions (LTi), providing a lease and loan cloud platform to equipment and asset-based finance companies, is excited to announce that Victor Finance is powering its digital transformation with the implementation of LTi’s ASPIRE platform.

Victor Finance identified an escalating need for digital transformation, to provide more effective deployment and adoption of technology to transform their customer experience. ASPIRE provided the complete lifecycle management platform needed for the transformation.

When determining a technology solution to support its business, Victor Finance was confident the ASPIRE platform would support their current and future needs. The partnership was built around LTi’s long-standing presence in the industry and a deep understanding of Victor Finance’s business. Now, Victor Finance will optimize workflows and move seamlessly within the platform. ASPIRE allows Victor Finance to tap into vast amounts of data and resources to make swift and accurate decisions.

Victor Finance director Stuart Williams said: “Victor Finance is going through a period of substantial growth which led to the decision to look for a partner to help streamline our deal handling processes. LTi were by far the best fit for our business as they were willing to go the extra yard to understand our company and provide a solution that feels very specific to our needs. We have been extremely happy with the system so far and their willingness to adapt and improve it with bespoke ideas. A special thanks must go to LTi team who remained very patient with us and their support was unwavering throughout, and we’re looking forward to developing the relationship further.”

LTi UK Country Manager Robert Taylor said: “It has been a pleasure to work with everyone at Victor. From an initial start-up configuration of LTi’s ASPIRE solution that was delivered through lockdown we have added functionality as required and will continue to provide more automation and features as needed as Victor grow their own book and broking business. Overall ASPIRE is providing a platform for Victor’s future growth and is allowing them to access Wholesale funding opportunities due to the data and reporting ASPIRE can provide – such liquidity would have been restrictive to Victor previously.”