SAF Solutions (SAF) has reported a record two years in the modular construction sector, funding £86m of modular projects in the public and private sectors.

Modular construction is a process in which a building is constructed off-site. The process uses the same materials, codes and standards as conventionally built facilities

The company provides commercial and financial sales support to blue-chip suppliers of equipment and energy solutions

SAF Solutions spans healthcare, green technology, research and modular building sectors. They have funded over £500 million in projects.

Modular construction projects in the healthcare sector have seen increased demand. SAF provided £86m of finance agreements for numerous modular projects over the past two years.

This includes working with Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Premier Modular to produce the Willowfield outpatients facility at Kings College Hospital.

Jane Tabiner, managing director at SAF Solutions said:

“We have seen significant growth in modular construction, with a marked demand within healthcare.

“It’s astonishing to reflect on the past two years in particular. We have already developed and delivered the finance agreements for nine modular projects, with plenty more in the pipeline due for completion.  

“We’re excited to continue partnering with modular suppliers further solidifying our expertise and ensuring further growth.”

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