Asset finance specialist Bluestone Leasing has launched a new £10m funding line to help businesses that have bought assets during the pandemic.

CAUSe – Coronavirus Asset Unlock Scheme – is currently the only product of its type that enables companies to raise funds retrospectively on assets acquired up to two years ago, the company said in a statement. 

The funding is aimed at firms that have had to invest in new equipment or technology to adapt to doing business in the pandemic – for example, social distancing measures such as screens and new furniture, air conditioning, contactless or remote handling systems, and new IT equipment for staff working from home.

Funding can be raised on assets valued between £1,000 and £125,000 that are located on company premises or in an employee’s home.

Bluestone was established 25 years ago in Yorkshire and employs around 45 staff and arranges funding deals totalling around £65m annually.

Bluestone financial director Mark Hargreaves said: “Many businesses have not only had a long period of reduced revenues but also had to make significant investments to continue trading. The challenge they face now is to rebuild their balance sheets while finding finance for growth – however as many have taken out government-backed loans, they are reluctant to rely on further debt.

“CAUSe provides an ideal solution, as it enables them to unlock some of the outlay they have already made to inject cash into the business, and without the need for personal guarantees on the part of directors. There may also be significant tax savings.”

Bluestone managing director Vineesh Madaan said: “Funding will play a key role in rebuilding the economy in the wake of the pandemic. Asset finance is an important element in the mix, providing extra facilities alongside business loans and without the need for additional security. CAUSe was developed in direct response to customers’ needs and has the potential to be a gamechanger for many businesses.”

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