Fleet lessor Athlon International has expanded its European reach with the establishment of Athlon Switzerland. Following the expansion, Athlon is represented in 22 countries globally.

According to Frans Janssen, president of Athlon International, the opening was ‘demand-driven’, as many customers requested the presence of the company in Switzerland.

Janssen highlighted the growth potential of the Swiss market, as leasing is not as well developed as in other European markets.

"The Swiss market is underdeveloped in comparison to other markets in Europe; Switzerland likes to ‘buy’, and leasing was never really propagated," said Janssen.

Janssen said: "After a strong year focusing on the uplift of the competitive strengths of strategic positioning in central-western Europe, the new location is a milestone. So, we are now adding the strategic business field "internationalisation" to our operations as part of our focus area. Internationally operating companies are now also offering an integrated fleet service in Switzerland. The expansion into Switzerland is another signal of our growth intentions."