Brokers are set to receive a minimum set of standards from a raft of UK funders at the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) commercial finance exposition in Birmingham on the 15th June.

A series of debates will be held at the conference, set to host 1700 brokers and 143 lenders, to refine some of the issues posed by the documents: including the need for the NACFB to have an internal compliance team, and the role of the traditional lender in light of the growth of the challenger banks in the market.

"We can expect vigorous debate on all these topics, yet the same lenders have united to bring us the NACFB minimum standards document and that is set to be the biggest talking point of the day. Its impact will be far-reaching," wrote the NACFB.

The exposition will also cover debates on the future of commercial finance; whether it may involve an expansion into the property lending space for the alternative finance industry; and whether challenger banks might begin acquiring a branch network.

The exposition debates will also cover the talent pipeline and where the next group of brokers and funders will come from in the future.