Yellow mining trucks

, in collaboration with Tallon &
Associates, publishes a monthly analysis of data on the demand for
used assets. This month we look at changes in demand for the
construction sector.


Tracked dozers

  • Generally little demand due to the
    decline within the construction sector and initial site
    preparation. However, slight signs of recovery in the last


Tracked excavators (1–10

  • Demand reduced dramatically in the
    last six months of 2009 as a result of the decline in the UK
    housing sector.
  • Associated company closures resulting
    in a large number of machines on the UK market.
  • Sector showing some signs of recovery
    over the past few months.


Tracked excavators (10–21

  • Again demand reduced significantly
    during 2009 due to decline in housing and construction
  • Market showing signs of improvement
    during spring 2010.
  • A shortage of new equipment may result
    in an increased demand for used machinery.


Tracked excavators (21.5+

  • UK demand has been slow during the
    past 12 months.
  • A demand for larger excavators has
    been seen from the European export market due to recent favourable
    exchange rates.


Articulated dump

  • Demand has been slow throughout the 12
    month period with the continued reduction in the UK construction
  • The annual trend generally shows
    increased demand during March and April.
  • Decline softened by a shortage of late


Wheeled loading

  • Generally no major changes in demand
    for the wheeled shovels during the first three quarters. However,
    the last quarter has seen some improvement.
  • As with most construction plant,
    leading manufacturer’s machinery will sell quicker than second tier


Site dumpers

  • After a period of 12–18 months where
    little demand was seen for such equipment, the past few months have
    seen a slight upturn.



  • Sector suffered during late 2008 &
    2009 due to downturn within the large scale construction
  • A large quantity of machinery is
    available on the European market place.
  • Limited enquiries have been noted
    however at significantly reduced values.



  • A continually weak UK market, showing
    little if no improvement in recent months due to limited
    operational requirement.
  • Large quantities of equipment are available
    on the second user market place in both Europe and the US.

Demand for contracters/yellow plant