Fintech platform Nivo has joined with Toomey Leasing Group to facilitate ID collection and verification.

Toomey has launched a mobile app powered by technology developed by Nivo, which enables customers to complete biometric ID verification via their mobile device.

The digital platform is integrated with Toomey’s technology including automotive finance software from QV Systems.

Toomey Leasing Group, part of the Laindon Holdings group of companies, has been established for over 50 years and currently has operations in Basildon, Derby, Chester and Salisbury.

Staff at Toomey do not see many of their customers, so ID verification and authentication are very important in preventing fraud, especially with finance applications submitted to other lenders.

Before integrating Nivo’s solution they estimated around 50% of the documents returned by customers were ‘utter rubbish’ – out of date or unsuitable documents and upside down and poor-quality images being the major causes of delays.

Time-consuming manual intervention by Toomey staff was required to progress cases but the delays would often lead to cancellations and lost revenue, directly impacting the business’s bottom line.

Time and resource released via Nivo is now employed on higher-value tasks which increase capacity and conversion.

Nivo is a fintech company focused on UK lending and broking businesses.Its app-based platform’s features include biometric ID verification and instant messaging.

David Houlgrave, CEO of Toomey Leasing Group, said: “We are delighted with the ID verification system. The technology has integrated seamlessly into our current systems. We have had very positive feedback from our customer base, and it is already an important part of our workflow process.

“Traditionally, customers were required to e-mail personal documentation, causing a risk of data breaches. The Nivo system has removed this requirement and has enhanced the security of personal data as well as cutting down on the administration burden of ID verification.”

Damon Williams, sales director of Nivo, said: “Lots of skilled staff time was being wasted chasing new ID verification documents when those same staff could be driving more revenue. Nivo’s intuitive mobile app makes the whole process quick, easy and reliable, improving customer satisfaction, increasing conversions and enabling businesses to develop their capacity without having to hire additional staff.

“Nivo’s solutions have been adopted by many specialist lenders and brokers in the mortgage and commercial sectors including Pepper Money, Together Money and United Trust Bank, all of which recognised and embraced the way Nivo can transform their customers’ experiences.”

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