Netsol Technologies, a US-based provider of IT services for the global asset finance and leasing industry, has launched a cloud-based subscription software package for retail and wholesale lessors within the UK and Europe. 

NFS Ascent for Start-ups hopes to gain asset finance and leasing industry adherents “looking to launch or grow their businesses with a quick and easy to use software-as-a-service (SaaS) package,” the company said in a statement. 

The offering “unlocks powerful configuration engines and provides comprehensive domain coverage” and “is developed and engineered to empower banks, auto, equipment, big-ticket finance and leasing companies. 

“The platform is especially catered towards the needs of start-ups to help them grow and accelerate in terms of business volume and transactions.

“The software is pre-configured but can be tailored to the customer’s needs, and supports their growth plans by allowing them to configure and unlock more features thus connecting every aspect of their business in one place. 

“They will also be able to choose a standalone or a fully integrated cloud-based solution, enabling their businesses to be streamlined and automated. 

“With the highly configurable software, Ascent for Start-ups’ pay-as-you-grow pricing model allows customers to unlock features incrementally as they scale and grow their businesses,” the IT services company said in a press release.

Johannes Riedl (pictured above), global client partner with Netsol Ascent Europe, said: “With an EU market-ready on-demand solution, Ascent for Start-ups is backed up by Netsol’s 40 years global domain expertise, built on the same high-tech framework as its flagship product NFS Ascent.”

In August, Netsol said it had secured the UK’s Allica Bank as a partner for its cloud services, the move comes as Allica is poised to unveil an asset finance division this year headed up by Richard Cameron.

The Netsol launch comes six months after UK-based rival Alfa Financial Software launched Alfa Start in March, for the UK small to medium-ticket equipment finance market, promising to deliver “the full power of Alfa Systems”, the company’s purpose-built premium product typically used by larger and more established players.