Italian leasing software provider Liscor has
rolled out its Forward software system to Hypo Vorarlberg Leasing,
the Italian lessor owned by the Austrian bank Hypo Landesbank

Foward is a front-office programme developed
to help credit decisions, which has recently been upgraded by
Liscor. The latest version of the software offers contract
lifecycle, accounting and local requirements management, providing
coverage for all business units in a company.

Michael Meyer, chief executive of Hypo
Vorarlberg Leasing, said: “In the leasing industry it becomes
increasingly important to adopt a comprehensive and efficient way
to manage business processes. With our long time partner Liscor,
we’ve developed an excellent solution that allows us to streamline
our practice.”

Roland Mitterhofer, credit manager at Hypo
Vorarlberg Leasing, said: “Credit decision browser based functions
provide us a tailored solution to our specific needs in the credit
risk valuation process.”

“It allows us to achieve cost savings while
aiming in the constant effort of reducing operational risks.”

Hypo Vorarlberg Leasing offers leasing in
northern Italy for commercial real estate, plant and clean energy