Cloud-based software vendor LeaseWorks and Core Financial Systems (Core) have joined forces to offer an integrated accounting platform for the aircraft leasing industry.

Through the collaboration, the companies aim to deliver an integrated accounting experience for lessors’ finance and accounting teams by allowing them to generate financial transactions in LeaseWorks and export those to Core.

LeaseWorks CEO Haseem Vazhayil said: “We are excited to collaborate with Core to provide the necessary tools to enable lessors to gain more value from their software investments and facilitate their coordination and growth.”

Under this partnership, LeaseWorks’ Aeris Asset suite of products will be integrated with Core’s SaaS-based aircraft leasing financial software solutions.

Core’s product suite stores books and records and saves journal entries that are specific to aircraft leasing operations.

Aeris Asset suite of products provides a platform to centralise and streamline asset management across technical, contract, and finance operations.

Core Managing director Tony Salmon said: “Through this collaboration, our smart SaaS-based financial solutions are constantly adapting to the needs of their users. This optimises their operation and creates economic and operational benefits. The basis for this is the seamless connectivity of data, a ‘Core strength of the Core Solution.'”

In other leasing industry news, last month, Alpha Asset Finance allied with fintech Nivo to fight fraud.