A recommendation by the UK government to limit mass gatherings in the wake of the coronavirus has seen the International Asset Finance Network (IAFN), a provider of events for the leasing sector, cancel a London conference in June.

The organisers said the event, which was to take place at ETCvenues in London, will be replaced with a series of online lunchtime sessions beginning in April 2020 that will “continue into the summer and beyond”.

Edward Peck, co-founder of the IAFN, said: “As long as the crisis continues – the sessions will keep on coming.”

He added: “Because we are online, we won’t have to limit ourselves to local speakers – we can invite participation from the brightest and best in the global industry, whichever country they are working in.

“And because we are no longer limited to a single day, we can take the time to explore all of the topics in-depth to encourage much more discussion and debate.

The topics covered by the new sessions will include: how the auto and equipment finance industry needs to respond to survive coronavirus; the implications of the increasing focus of environmental issues for the sector; case studies examining implementing an auto subscriptions service; and the theory and reality of emerging platforms.