Banks in Europe increased their share of the leasing market
during 2009 when their decline in new business was slower than the
total market decline.

John Howland-Jackson, ING Lease chairman said at the Leaseurope
Convention 2010 in Hamburg that leasing would need to integrate
more fully into general banking operations in future. “The game has
changed. Things will never be the same again for bank-owned
lessors,” he said.

The total market for leasing in Europe declined by 32% to
€209bn in 2009, but for the top 20 leasing companies the decline
was 22%. This means an approximate 9% gain in market share for
the top 20, of which 17 are owned by banks.

“Banks are increasing their hold on leasing,” Howland-Jackson

Post-crisis themes varied “bank by bank”, and included less risk
appetite, regulatory concerns, economic nationalism, higher capital
need and increased public scrutiny.

“Profitability may be close to the highs of 2007, but we are not
feeling good about new production,” Howland-Jackson said.