ALD Automotive UK has opened a new development centre in Bristol to accelerate its development in new digital applications and products across the entire ALD Automotive group.

Backed by significant financial investment from ALD International, the development centre is located near ALD Automotive’s current UK headquarters as well as the location of its new head office, which will open in December 2016.

The new centre is headed up by IT director Derek Barker and already has a 60-strong development team, including testers.

"A number of projects are being worked on simultaneously – including the development of a group?wide telematics platform to ensure ALD remains the market leader in telemetry – and the Centre has already seen an acceleration in the development of key projects," the company wrote.

The company said that the new development centre will also help build on its Smart Mobility programme, which provides a consultancy service to ensure that businesses operate the optimum travel solution.