Name: Vineesh Madaan

Current job: Managing Director, Bluestone
Leasing Vineesh Madaan, Managing Director, Bluestone Leasing

What was your first ever job?
I started working in the family shop business at the age of 14 and
carried on into my thirties while developing my career – after
university my first full time job was for an accountancy practice
in Bradford.

Where’s the best place to go if you
really want to find out what’s going on in the office?
kitchen although I can usually hear everything sat at my desk –
some people just don’t know how to whisper. But Bluestone is not a
particularly gossipy place – where a tight knit team who are
talking to each other all the time.

What time do you usually leave the
Over the years I have too often spent too long at
my desk but now I have got better at this and usually leave between
5.30 and 6.00.

What do you do at weekends?
Relax and spend time with my fiancé and children. Basically try and

What’s your favourite
I am not big on going out to restaurants but
The Three Acres near where I live is very good. It’s a turn of the Century Drovers inn, which
has been owned by Neil Truelove and Brian Orme for over 30 years
and they specialise in using local Yorkshire ingredients.

If you weren’t in your current job
what would you be?
Probably running a retail empire – the
family business set up by my parents. Well it would have been an
empire in my mind.

Who is your mentor or role
My Mum, she has made me the person I am today.

What is the best thing about your
Playing a part in developing and growing the team and
the business.

What has been your biggest work
I am sure I have made plenty but none that I
haven’t been able to deal with or recover from.

What car do you drive? A
Diesel Golf. I have lately taken the decision not to waste money on
a car. I am not sure how long it will last though.

What book are you currently
Only tend to read when on holiday.

What is on your CD player at the
CD player? Are you sure? It’s all MP3 now and on
mine you’ll find lots of Hip Hop and 1970’s Soul and Funk.