Last year saw a continuation of the ownership to subscription megatrend that is driving the structural growth of our industry. In this regard, LeasePlan saw particularly strong growth in the SME and private segments, which are embracing leasing more than ever before.

Key to supporting this growth trend is the digitization of our industry, which is key to enabling us to deliver a better service at a lower cost for our customers. As readers will know, LeasePlan has the ambition to be the world’s first fully-digital Car-as-a-Service company, and we were happy to make progress in digitizing our daily fleet operations in 2019. One example is the successful rollout of our fully online SME car showroom this year, which is now available in seven countries.

Finally, this wouldn’t be a review of 2019 from LeasePlan without mentioning sustainability. Climate change is the biggest challenges we face as a society, which is why LeasePlan continues to be committed to leading the transition to zero-emission mobility. This year, we were pleased to see that many of our customers are ready and willing to start electric, with up-take of our full package EV solution increasing in many markets.

Simply put: 2019 was an exciting and dynamic year in the history of LeasePlan and our industry, and I look forward to contributing to what’s next in sustainability mobility in 2020.