The European Investment Fund (EIF), is considering the future of investing in the UK as a result of Brexit.

The EIF is a European Union body which aims to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation and increase access to finance for European SMEs and mid-cap companies.

It has worked closely with the British Business Bank (BBB) to provide credit to UK leasing businesses serving the UK SME market, guaranteeing 50% of the BBB's 'Enable funding programme, which has reached £200m of investments so far.

In May it guaranteed 50% of a £51m asset finance facility with the BBB for Henry Howard Finance, under the 'Enable' Funding programme, with the same arrangement for funder LDF, guaranteeing 50% of LDF's £51m facility.

In August 2015 it was part of a £50m deal with Commerzbank for a committed facility for Star Asset Finance; and in October it acted as guarantor for £100m of funding between the BBB and Hitachi Capital UK. The EIF stressed these gaurantees for LDF, HHF and Hitachi were all part of the same deal.

The EIF said that as a subsidiary of the European Investment Bank (EIB), with the European Union and 30 financial institutions as additional shareholders, its shareholding structure remains unaffected by Brexit.

But for the longer term, assuming that the next UK prime minister triggers Article 50 and the UK leaves the Union, it would consider its position of support during the economic negotiations that will follow Brexit.

A spokesman for the fund wrote: "The European Investment Fund takes note, with regret, of the vote of the British people to leave the European Union. EIF will actively engage with the EIB and relevant European institutions to define the EIF's activity in the UK as part of the broader discussions to determine the future relationship of the UK with Europe and European bodies."

Current signed deals will be observed, with no immediate change in the short term, said the EIF. It added it would not change its approach to operations in the UK.