A US infrastructure organization, the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), has partnered with DLL to offer leasing services for energy efficiency and solar projects for NECA members.

Finance from DLL will now be accessible to NECA members as part of the Association’s energy conservation & performance platform (ECAP).

The ability to provide financing options to customers who are considering new, sustainable systems can significantly improve a contractor’s ability to win energy efficiency projects, said DLL

“Our goal is to give NECA members an advantage over the guy who comes in and says ‘this is what I can do for you and this is how much it’s going to cost,’” states Bruce Trachtenberg, general manager of the clean technology business unit at DLL. “They’re going to be able to walk into the room and say ‘this is what I can do for you and this is how you can get it without spending an extra dime.’ That’s the beauty of this partnership. Who would turn down that offer?”

Instead of asking a customer to pay for the project upfront and then wait several years before realizing the energy savings, DLL will equip contractors with the ability to sell projects that are fully-funded by the savings generated, with no upfront costs.

“The initial sale is the hardest part of the job for so many of our members, and this partnership with DLL is going to alleviate some of that stress,” states Mir Mustafa, executive director of business development at NECA. “The fact that so many of these projects can be fully paid for with the energy savings achieved is still relatively unknown, but I think DLL is going to help us change that. It’s exciting to think about the number of opportunities this partnership is going to make possible.”