Cisco Capital has launched another channel finance scheme in the
UK to encourage resellers to sell Cisco equipment through

The scheme, PartnerPlus, gives resellers a 2 percent rebate for
deals valued at £50,000 (€56,000) to £500,000 that comprise over 50
percent Cisco equipment.

Stuart Hall, Cisco Capital European channel head, said that the
programme was designed to focus on two key areas of concern to
resellers: slower, slimmer customer order books, and their own
margin levels.

The channel partners will therefore be able to use the 2 percent
rebates as they please, such as adding them to their margin or
offering sales staff extra incentives, for example.

The lessor is already running two other channel finance schemes:
a 0% financing programme and a six-month payment deferral

“Partners sometimes prefer to take more margin for themselves on
the back end,” said Cisco UK and Ireland channel director
Bernadette Wightman.

The programme runs until the end of September, but Wightman
indicated it could be extended further.