A survey undertaken by Barclays Commercial Bank, which includes
the Barclays Asset & Sales Finance business, has found that
half of businesses in East Anglia now describe their attitude
towards the general state of the economy as ‘hopeful’.

The findings in the Connecting East Anglia survey state that 35
percent of respondents claim their businesses are continuing to
grow, 17 percent believe their company will move back into a growth
phase by year’s end and 24 percent believe this growth will occur
within 6-12 months. 

In terms of the general economy, 50 per cent of respondents
characterised their outlook towards the economy as ‘hopeful’, 20
per cent as ‘excited’ and only 14 per cent said they were still
‘worried’ about the economy.

Alex Brown, head of Asset Finance at Barclays Asset & Sales
Finance, commented on the findings: “There is a creeping optimism
amongst business leaders that their organisations will in fact make
it through the recession and move back into a sustained growth
phase within 6 to 12 months, while a small but significant minority
continue to enjoy growth.

This belief opens up a range of new opportunities, and many
business leaders we have spoken to have stated that the current
recession is positively affecting motivation levels for staff and
management alike, with staff loyalty having noticeably

Abdus Shuman