GE Capital Germany plans to double, at least, its total leasing
assets, which currently stand at $4bn, over the next four-years,
according to chief executive Joachim Secker.

The growth, Secker told Dow Jones on Friday, will be achieved
organically and through acquisitions, adding that capital growth is
available from its parent company, entitling him to buy portfolios
or companies. Secker declined, however, to reveal if GE Capital is
currently in talks about acquisitions.

Dow Jones also reported that IKB Leasing, the leasing arm of
German bank IKB Deutsche Industriebank, could well be preparing for
a sale and that GE Capital and Deutsche Leasing are likely to make

Secker’s announcement supports GE’s ambitions, revealed last
year, to grow its business in Europe, especially in Germany, Norway
and Sweden, central and eastern Europe and Russia.

In Germany, GE Capital has leasing, factoring, investment loans,
fleet services and inventory financing operations.