FleetEurope has introduced a mid-term vehicle rental service called MonthPlus.

The fleet lessor unveiled the standalone service, and claim that it could save each costumer £213 (€248) compared to daily rental.

MonthPlus will offer 34 different vehicle groups, composed of new and nearly-new models, many with CO2 ratings of under 130g/km.

Joe Howick, chief operating offer at FleetEurope, said: “Typically, the point at which savings start to be realised s when the daily rental period reaches 21 days. At this point it makes better financial sense to switch to FleetEurope’s MonthPlus tariff.

“MonthPlus is the first in a range of new services FleetEurope is launching this year to help businesses reduce their rental expenditure.”

FleetEurope also touted the flexibility of MonthPlus, stating that vehicles could be handed back at a day’s notice without incurring a penalty, or extended kept past the month for the same daily fee.

According to FleetEurope, this makes MonthPlus suited to use as an interim vehicle.