Samsara Inc., developer of a connected operations platform for tracking fleets of vehicles and other equipment, today announced a new partnership with UK-based fleet safety software provider, Motormax.

The partnership aims to assist UK fleet operators roll out an integrated, single platform cloud-connected system to assist fleet operators in complying with Direct Vision Standard (DVS) and Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS).

The system combines Motormax’s in-cab Safetymax system — which provides a 360o view of a vehicle — with Samsara‘s Connected Operations Cloud via a single platform.

Jonathan Haycock, Motormax co-founder and director, said, “DVS and FORS were introduced to improve road safety and reduce incident frequency. […] Our single platform technology not only assists drivers locally within the cab, but communicates to the wider operational team for continuous monitoring and training.”

How it works

Safetymax uses multi-camera systems alongside visual and spoken voice warnings to alert drivers to potential incidents. Incidents might include if a vehicle is being overloaded or if cranes, booms or stabilising legs are stored incorrectly.

In the event of a potential incident, the driver is alerted to allow them to take remedial action. Now, though, video footage and warnings will also be instantly uploaded to Samsara’s cloud-connected operations platform, so line managers, fleet, and safety managers can review the information simultaneously and remotely.

This delivers telemetry, video footage and warnings. The availability of footage can be used to enhance driver safety, enabling companies to respond to incidents and deliver coaching to improve road skills.

By combining Samsara and Motormax’s software, fleets are able to address the requirements set out for the DVS vision safety standard and FORS best practice guidance.

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