This latest webinar from the teams at Leasing Life and GlobalData considers the prospects for SME financing in the UK as interest rates nudge up to 5.25% and inflation hovers around 6.8%.

Topics include:

  • The outlook for SMEs seeking access to finance
  • The role of financial innovation in this climate
  • The regulatory horizon for SME providers
  • Sustainability: what’s next?
  • Technology & AI: challenges ahead 

The webinar involves a free-flowing discussion with two guests. Offering a leasing and asset finance perspective is my first guest Christian Roelofs CEO of Finativ, a UK-based asset finance consultancy in the asset, motor and invoice finance space. My second guest, offering a tech perspective, is Josep Bori, research director of thematics at GlobalData, a business intelligence company and parent of Leasing Life

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Alejandro Gonzalez, Editor of Leasing Life