DLL has signed a partnership with Mecalac Group, a manufacturer of lifting and materials handling products, to provide finance for its assets.

The Dutch lessor will provide finance for Mecalac’s products, in a venture marketed as Mecalac Financial Solutions which will offer leases, seasonal payment structures, and customised project finance terms.

DLL said the deal would allow Mecalac to offer service and insurance, and that the venture would reduce the cost of ownership or usage for Mecalac customers.

Alexandre Marchetta, executive vice president of Groupe Mecalac, said: “Mecalac Financial Solutions is the perfect add-in to make our machines available everywhere and to anyone. DLL offers its construction finance equipment to support our growth.”

DLL said the programme will be rolled out to Mecalac dealers who will be supported by training and marketing initiatives.

Neal Garnett, president construction, transportation and industrial global business unit at DLL, said: “We are very pleased to establish a global partnership with the Groupe Mecalac. By providing innovative financial solutions to Mecalac dealers and end users, we will support Mecalac executing their global growth strategy.

“In addition, Mecalac and DLL are sharing similar visions on how the construction equipment market will develop over the coming years, and how investments into high-value machines will change.”