Bill Stephenson, DLL chief executive officer and chairman of the executive board, was awarded the 2017 Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) Chairman’s Award in a ceremony at the AED Summit in Chicago on January 12.

In its inaugural year, the award recognised Stephenson’s support for the AED over the past year, and 2016 AED Chairman Whit Perryman presented Stephenson with the award.

Perryman thanked Stephenson for DLL’s commitment to the construction industry and focus on supporting AED member companies.

He said: “Not only do they consistently support our association, they are truly a great financial partner in our business, and we are thankful for our relationship with DLL.”

Stephenson said: “DLL is a long-time supporter of AED. We’ve been in the construction industry for more than 20 years and have a number of longstanding partnerships with many of the association’s dealers and manufacturers.

“We always look forward to the annual AED Summit because the event is the perfect opportunity for manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers in the industry to come together to discuss industry-specific issues, challenges, and opportunities as we all look to grow together in the coming year.”