Fleet management software provider Bynx has launched bynxMI, a management reporting tool.

The tool, which will be embedded in the existing bynxFLEET fleet management platform, is designed to order fleet data for evaluation and to aid decision-making, in order to increase profitability.

BynxMI aims to enable greater sharing of reports among large numbers of people, while still preserving live data.

The reporting platform makes use of dashboards, and provides reports in table form, which Bynx claims will make data more concise and clear, and therefore more easily placed in spreadsheets for evaluation.

Gary Jefferies, sales and marketing director at Bynx, said: “Having data is one thing, knowing what to do with it is another. Then there’s the issue of data credibility and how it’s presented to enable management to buy in to support positive decision making.”

The system allows users to choose their own parameters and filters, which Bynx claims will save costs by decreasing the amount of reports generated and saving time.

Jeffries continued: “We’ve designed the product to offer more than just reporting tools and that’s why we called it bynxMI – management information – because it helps fleet decision makers consolidate and present the insight their business needs to be successful.”

BynxMI allows access to reports by external users through portals, which aims to provide additional information that Jeffries believes may lead to positive changes in fleet businesses.

Jeffries added: “[External users] could be customers, drivers, suppliers, or any other stakeholder, [and] bynxMI extends this…access to back office reports.

“They may wish to do this to garner information on their vehicles or services provided, thus the product can also help boost the customer experience and satisfaction.”