Work/Life Quiz: Jacqueline Mills, Senior Adviser,

Jacqueline MillsName: Jacqueline Mills

Current job: Senior
adviser at Leaseurope

Career: Previously
worked at Deloitte’s audit team in Brussels prior to joining

What was your first ever

When I graduated my first
job was in audit at Deloitte. I joined Leaseurope one year

Where is the best place to go
if you want to find out what’s really going on in the

The kitchen: that’s where
you can find out about what’s going on, who’s been talking to whom,
the latest news from our members, and to see who’s recently been at
the EU Commission or has had an interesting meeting with an

What time do you usually leave
the office?

I am not sure I really
leave the office, although I might physically leave my desk. It’s
usually quite late, around 7-8 pm.

What’s your favourite

There are many quite good
restaurants in Brussels, and it is not as expensive as in other
places. At the moment, one of my favourite one is a typical Belgian
and French brasserie at the Midi station.

What do you do at

Whenever I can, I go to
painting classes (abstract paintings). My boss suggested that I
included a few of my paintings in our newsletter.

Who is your mentor or role

I am definitely inspired by
Tanguy van de Werve, our director general: he’s an excellent
lobbyist and always has fantastic ideas for reaching out to people
and creating new contacts. I am also enjoying working with Mark
Venus on the lease accounting issues. He is absolutely incredible
when it comes to responding to IASB arguments.

What’s one of the best things
about your job?

The nice thing about
working at Leaseurope is that you get a lot of visibility and are
immediately in contact with the senior people in the industry.

If you weren’t in your current
job, what would you have been?

A doctor, probably a
paediatrician like my grandfather.

What’s your biggest work/career

More a regret than a
mistake, is that when I joined Leaseurope I was working on a PhD,
but it has been impossible to combine my job with the research
work. But maybe one day I will come back to it.

What cars do you

I drive a 1 series BMW – I
like cars quite a lot. My dad has always been into motorbikes and
cars, so I kind of grew up with that.

What book are you currently

Recently I’ve been reading
the latest series in Adrian Mole diaries. Also a book about a guy
who gives up his work life to go and train to become a chef in
France (Doing without Delia by Michael Booth).

What’s on your CD player or MP3
player at the moment?

The IASB is doing podcasts,
so I’ve got that on my MP3. I’m also listening to the latest album
by La Roux.