Clients leveraging IBM Global Financing will
be able to retire older or surplus technology in exchange for cash
back or credit towards its new Blade eX5 servers.

An IT analyst report by the Robert Frances
Group, expected to be released in May, states customers could end
up acquiring 50% more equipment as a result.

Cal Braunstein, CEO and executive director of
research at Robert Frances, said: “IBM offers a strong value
proposition to its customers partly because of the competitive
interest rates and globally-established, brand-agnostic asset take
back capabilities of its captive financing arm.

“Lower monthly payments and cash back
opportunities translate into greater leverage for customers,
enabling them to acquire more eX5 technology and/or services.

“Not only is this good news for customers, but
this approach also drives increased revenues for value-added

Blade eX5 Server clients could also see
earlier than expected returns on their investment, sometimes as
quickly as two months, thanks to IBM’s approach to technology and
financing in the market place, the report says.

Claire Hack