Risk Management Platforms for Finance Providers

VLS delivers proven risk management services for UK-based businesses and consumer finance providers. Operating since 1999, the depth of our skills and specialist knowledge is demonstrated through our comprehensive service offering.

Our core experience includes:

•  Complex, middle and large ticket leases such as accounting
•  Consumer loans
•  SME instalment credit, rental, leases and services
•  Cash management

We have assisted more than 500,000 contracts and at present collect around £20m every month, with almost £500mn of receivables under management.

Based in North Wales, we provide key services to banks and non-financial Institutions across the UK, including British Business Bank, Close Brothers, RBS Group plus a range of challenger and independent lenders.

End-to-end portfolio management services for finance providers

We can offer a complete end-to-end service proposition, with flexible branding and service options. We will audit, on-board and manage an existing or new lending portfolio that you are planning to build or acquire.

One of the areas we take most pride in is delivering outstanding customer service, with our brand values in parallel with a lender’s business proposal.

Global rating agency Fitch has awarded us UK ABS3+ status, which acknowledges our wide-ranging capabilities and highlights just one of the reasons that numerous industry leaders entrust us with their

We make great efforts to understand stakeholders’ ambitions and have the capacity to successfully handle any challenges throughout all phase of the portfolio management chain.

We help clients focus on delivering their strategic business objectives. We can build and operate a full and cost-effective back-office solution, potentially setting a project live within weeks of the RST discussion.

Regulated by the FCA, we have an in-depth understanding of the regulatory and operational risks of your business environment. In recognition of how seriously we take protecting lender data, we have achieved ISO27001 accreditation.

Banks, lenders, investment funds and securitisation client have entrusted us with more than £1.5bn of audited and standby assets to manage.

Primary servicing

There are a number of reasons why new and well-known lenders want their lease or loan portfolio managed by VLS. Speed of access to the market for a new entrant or a cost benefit analysis can quickly confirm a rationale for partnering with VLS.

We will service a lending portfolio using established industry recognised systems and logical collection and reporting processes. Solutions can be set-up in accordance with the lender’s business rules and integrated with front-end partners, delivering at every point through processing.

Solutions can be set-up in accordance with the lender’s business rules and integrated with front-end partners, delivering at every point through processing. VLS can manage the majority of credit instalment payment packages, including loans, leases and hire purchases.

Specialist funding management for banks and independent lenders

A good example of VLS’s specialist support functions is the management of block discounting and wholesale funding structures for a number of UK Banks. Loan and asset financing for UK SMEs is delivered by banks and a range of privately owned independent lenders.

The majority of independent lenders are able to re-invest receivables from end-user finance agreements through means of wholesale funding structures from banks, block discounting and securitisation.

As the bank’s processing partner, VLS validates the underlying customer agreements submitted as security.

VLS’s complete service covers management of portfolios, credit checks, billing, reporting, and collection.

Portfolio risk management and specialist audit services: block discounting and sub-hire audit

Wholesale and block discounting funders depend on their underlying portfolio performing in order to protect and secure their interest.

VLS has a specialist team of auditors who conduct periodic on-site reviews on behalf of funders, helping ensure that lending covenants and security cover are maintained in line with agreed terms.

Independent analysis for mergers and acquisitions

Banks and institutional investors recognise VLS’s diligence expertise when acquiring interests in UK independent leasing and loan providers.

VLS has accumulated considerable knowledge of management systems for lease and loan, measuring performance of portfolios, and the regulatory areas dealt with by the leasing and asset finance sector.

This specialist overview is applied in the delivery of an independent report that helps investors complete an acquisition.

Standby servicing for securitisation and wholesale funding commitments

Any independent lender seeking to gain new wholesale lines or discuss trade sales must have contingency servicer arrangements to mitigate risks.

In addition, investors seeking to commit to an acquisition or offering new wholesale limits need an effective platform that can provide the efficient management of a loan portfolio or underlying lease, including secure and automated billing, as well as collection, with the ability to organise information.

Few banks and equity investors offering wholesale funding to independent lenders have the portfolio management and collections capabilities in-house necessary to safeguard their investment, should there be a failure by the lender they are funding.

VLS provides the reassurance needed, able to step-in when called upon to ensure that a portfolio continues to be securely managed.

An experienced and skilled contributor to the UK SME and consumer finance markets

VLS has the experience and knowhow to step in at various stages of a lending business’s lifecycle, with a formula for running all processes that support a successful installment lending operation, from customer on-boarding, in-life functions, risk and security processes, right through to end-of-term asset management.

This uniquely relevant blend of skills and experience set VLS apart as a valuable contributor to the UK SME and Consumer finance markets.

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