Our know-how has powered world leading banks and lenders for more than two decades.

The Banking Works team has years of experience managing millions of customer transactions and conversations.

We combine this with the expert skill in design, technology and data that powers the platforms we provide and manage for our customers.

We’re driven in our mission to support banks and lenders to imagine better. It’s why we always ask ourselves how we can improve and innovate.

Our expertise builds new lenders from the ground up, bridges the technology gap for incumbents and delivers the data insight that provides financial intelligence.

Anything is possible when you put our minds to it.

The people with banking know-how

The depth of our skills and specialist knowledge shows in our unique blend of expertise across:

Transformation: Consultancy that delivers strategy, resilience and growth for ambitious banks and lenders

Platforms: A range of solutions to support all types of banking and lending, automation and customer experience

Intelligence: We blend human expertise with data science and technology to deliver analysis and actionable insight


Banking Works uses design and systems thinking to achieve growth. We work with clients to devise objective-driven strategies, design business solutions and deliver digital services that build value.

  • Unearth market insight to power new revenue streams
  • Analyse data to deliver experiences that anticipate customer needs
  • Optimise systems to free up resources and achieve cost savings or re-investable

Our technology solutions deliver a competitive advantage. Banking Works has the skill and technology to build new applications from the ground up or to implement digital enablement for legacy tech.

  • Optimise existing core platforms and realise the value in your legacy tech
  • Get your business, product or platform to market fast with our 100-day launch programme
  • We’ll help you plug the gaps in existing services and operations to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Our 20 years of outsourcing experience gives us the know-how to help you build internal capability and deliver operational resilience.

  • Achieve visibility of operational performance by implementing collaborative tools & systems
  • Leverage our decades of financial services know-how to build knowledge and smarter ways of working
  • Drive continuous improvement with technology & processes that run on your business rules and

Banking Works will use data and insight to identify the strategies that underpin business evolution. We’ll help you meet your ambitions and exceed them with innovation programmes that deliver a market advantage.

  • Our data engineers identify and aggregate data to give you access to actionable insight
  • Get real-time insight into trends, issues and areas for improvement via bespoke interactive dashboards
  • We’ll review processes and put in place automations and decisioning to give you back valuable time and resource


Blade is our Cloud process engine that powers operational agility. Run complex process orchestrations to deliver personalised customer experiences. Harness decisioning and RPAs to drive performance and efficiency.

  • Enhance legacy technology to gain market advantage
  • Harness the power of automation to run labour-intensive processes and free up key staff to focus on high-value activities
  • Exploit detailed event validation and tracking to achieve the peace of mind of continuous compliance

Banking & Lending
We offer a range of platforms and technologies to ensure we deliver solutions that scale with your ambitions.

  • Our flexible open architecture will support all your lending, deposit and card products and allow you to launch new ones quickly
  • Choose from private or public cloud deployment to meet your specific security needs
  • Integrate with preferred origination partner and configure options like KYC and credit profiling to deliver seamless customer experience across the full product lifecycle

We provide fully managed communications platforms designed to power the experiences demanded of progressive digital lenders.

  • Pick from our range of multi-channel support solutions across voice, email and chat to ensure you provide the customer solutions that best fit your brand and product
  • Use our CRM and customer profiling to drive the right blend of automated and personal service activity and achieve increased customer


Edge Performance Engine

Our cloud-based portfolio analysis engine harnesses our extensive audit, risk analysis and portfolio management expertise. Currently in private beta, our latest product will deliver unprecedented portfolio insight. Enabling users to:

  • Make better decisions by monitoring and managing performance and risk
  • Limit exposure to credit risk via deep insight across sectors, products, accounts and business lines
  • Explore a wider funder market with access to the in-depth portfolio data to supports your ambitions

If you’d like to be one of the first to access the power of Edge and see how it can transform your lending business, we’re currently accepting enquiries from potential partners for our Beta Trial.

Audit & Assurance

We’ve been providing specialist audit and assurance services for over a decade. With over £400m funds under watch, it’s evident we’re well-trusted in risk monitoring and management of asset-backed lending. Our choice of bespoke solutions means we will deliver an approach tailored to meet your requirements.

  • Our specialist team of audit analysts is supported by a range of technologies to deliver the rich and detailedanalysis you require
  • Leverage our deep portfolio risk Achieve confidence in portfolio performance and the assurance thatyour investment is protected.
  • Enjoy the continuous assurance of regular monitoring and analysis and ensure you quickly identify and act on earlywarning signals and


Portfolio management services

Banking Works can service most portfolio or banking requirements. We configure our systems to your rules and can integrate with most origination partners to deliver straight-through-processing.

  • Fully managed SaaS core banking or loan management system
  • Integrated cloud contact centre platform – manage customer service via phone, email, chat and social messaging
  • Equipped to manage most types of instalment credit products including regulated and commercial loans, lease andhire purchase
  • Integrated performance analysis
  • Payment services and solutions include self serve online/IVR card payments, Direct Debits, BACS, SEPA, FasterPayments
  • Middle and Back Office administration and outsourced services

Standby servicing

We provide back-up servicing on over £1.6 billion in ABS term and warehouse facilities. We cover equipment finance, asset finance, auto finance, consumer receivable and commercial loans.

Cold standby – 90 days

  • Lowest cost – but reflects the speed of replacement servicing delivery, following an
  • Minimal preliminary transition preparation
  • Primary objective is loss mitigation – not

Warm standby – 30-60 days

  • Regular system to system data mapping, verification and validation to reduce friction in the post invocation transfer of

Hot standby – immediate

  • Replacement services start at any
  • Data is uploaded from the primary servicer more
  • Shadow servicing may take place to ensure a seamless
  • Where Escrow arrangements are in place, we can step in and run incumbent

An experienced partner

Operating since 1999, we’ve worked with banks and non-financial Institutions across the UK, including British Business Bank, Close Brothers, Klarna, Investec plus a range of challenger and independent lenders.

Global ratings agency Fitch recently awarded us UK ABSP2- status. The high-performance servicer rating acknowledged our wide-ranging capabilities and our “demonstrated proficiency of servicing capabilities, including a strong focus on robotics and process automation across servicing operations.”

Banks, lenders, investment funds and securitisation clients have entrusted us with more than £1.6bn of assets under management and over 400,000 loans under watch.

Regulated by the FCA, we have an in-depth understanding of the regulatory and operational risks of your business environment. In recognition of how seriously we take protecting lender data, we have achieved ISO27001 accreditation.