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Societe Generale Equipment Finance is a leading partner for manufacturers and vendors in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

With a presence in 40 countries and 3,200 employees, Societe Generale Equipment Finance is part of the French banking group Societe Generale. Our skilled local teams can provide sales finance facilities, adapted to the different needs of international manufacturers and distributors.

Alongside those local resources, we have experienced international managers that act as a single point of contact if that is your need. In all countries and centrally, our teams have sound industry and project knowledge in the transportation, industrial equipment, and technology markets.

Our business is well-balanced with a wide range of assets financed and strong product availability that supports the entire value chain from manufacturer to end-user, to whom we offer an attractive range of tailor-made equipment finance solutions (lease, operating lease, receivables, and loans), as well as insurance for asset-financing needs.

Our clients trust our multicultural expertise and deep market knowledge. SGEF’s key mission is to be the first choice for clients and vendors around the world through consistent customer focus, innovation, and professionalism.

In 2019, Societe Generale Equipment Finance reaffirmed its leading position (#1 in Europe / #2 Worldwide). The company was awarded European Lessor of the Year in November 2018 by Leasing Life. Societe Generale Equipment Finance managed a portfolio of €29.4bn in outstandings for the year 2018, while New Business Volume increased by 8% to €13.1bn.

Sector focus

Industrial Equipment: SGEF is an experienced and innovative partner that can finance the entire range of industrial equipment needed by customers looking to increase their productivity by acquiring new equipment or vendors looking to boost sales. This includes machinery, construction equipment, and eco-friendly assets.

Transport: SGEF has a strong experience in financing transportation assets giving us unparalleled sector and asset-based expertise in trucks, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, handling equipment and aviation. In Germany and Scandinavia particularly, we have traditionally been one of the transport industry’s major financing partner.

Technology: With more than 30 years of experience in this sector, SGEF is a global leader in this segment and a natural entry point for manufacturers looking for support to finance their sales. This includes hardware, IT solutions and software, but and office equipment (copier and printers).

Medical & Green Energy: SGEF has been developing its expertise in Medical Equipment (Dental, Laboratory, Surgical, Diagnostic, Fitness. Together with vendor partners, SGEF is also taking responsibility in creating new financial solutions to support Green energy and Smart City development, such as lighting as a service or dedicated finance programs to reduce CO2 emissions.

Mission Statement

“To be the first choice of our corporate customers in all markets through best in class service, innovative solutions, commitment, responsibility, product diversity and dedicated international teams.”

Our offer to vendors

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with partners that have mutual benefits at their core, with an extensive range of vendor services and cooperation available.

Customers can select a number of leasing services that can be provided depending on the sales strategy of our partners, with a number of agreement options offered. Other benefits of partnering with Societe Generale Equipment Finance include bespoke promotional campaigns, accounting, and reporting services.

Our finance partners now have access to a digital tool, the Vendor Information Portal, which allows them to view the performance of all their contracts with their clients across SGEF’s international network.

This innovative digital reporting tool was co-constructed with two vendors with the objective of being user-friendly, responsive and available anytime, anywhere and on all devices. It displays closed transactions but also the pipeline for each country in an enhanced manner thanks to Tableau© technology.

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