Siemens Financial Services (SFS) – the financing arm of Siemens – has been in business for over 60 years, supporting customers and their industries through thick and thin with business-to-business financial solutions.

A unique combination of financial expertise, risk management and industry know-how enables the team at SFS to create tailored innovative financial solutions. With these, SFS facilitates growth, creates value, enhances competitiveness and helps customers access new technologies.

Our unparalleled commitment to the market is sustained by our focus on what really matters. We are dedicated to supporting the implementation of new ways of working seen in digitalisation, of sustainable practices and technologies as well as fostering the diverse and inclusive community within SFS – why not join us?

New ways of working

It’s an exciting time to be part of our company as we explore innovative digital solutions of the future; investing in the potential of industry 4.0 and helping businesses access new technologies. We want to bring about more advanced solutions in all the markets we operate in such as healthcare, energy and industry, and we have a commitment to do it all ethically too.

The current crisis has shone a light on the need to evolve our everyday practices to the digital age and, at SFS, we are paying close attention to how we can support customers and team members through this period of volatility and beyond.


We believe in financing what really matters. That’s why we will continue to listen and learn, to help businesses achieve their goals and to generate lasting value for organisations and society through responsible, financially sustainable solutions.

This approach translates to the technology we finance as well. We are dedicated to supporting sustainable energy solutions across industries. For instance one of our recent research reports highlights the pivotal role of energy efficiency savings in achieving smart building transformation. Likewise, we’re keeping a close watch on the evolution of transport and the new technologies that can contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions resulting in cleaner air for all.

Diversity and inclusion

It’s important that all voices in our company and industry are not just heard but shared widely and followed by direct action. In addition to our longstanding Diversity and Inclusion department, last year, for instance, saw the formation of BEAUT – Black Equality Allies United Together – a new community in the UK business to drive equality and unity by addressing unconscious bias, raising awareness, encouraging accountability for self-education and celebrating the diverse communities within SFS. We are taking an active role in creating a culture of inclusion and to make sure employees from all backgrounds are supported.

Another important focus for us is the current state of gender representation in the asset finance industry.

Work with us

Join us at SFS, and you’ll have the power to create a better future for yourself and others. It’s our job to help Siemens open up new business opportunities, strengthen existing relationships with financial decision-makers and support the acquisitions of new customers.

SFS is a growing business and you’ll enjoy all the perks that come with working for a giant name like Siemens – such as excellent career progression, collaborating on prestigious projects and enhancing your skills in an innovative environment.

We also offer flexible working and a number of very competitive benefits. And most importantly, the office is a fun, vibrant experience with a genuine family feel to it. We’re very social with plenty of activities and charity events all year round.

It’s our people that make our company and as a key member of our team, everything you do will help us deliver flexible and tailored finance solutions that guarantee strong commercial performance.