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Two Liberty Place
50 S 16th St, Ste 2300
Philadelphia, PA 19102
United States of America

Two Liberty Place
50 S 16th St, Ste 2300
Philadelphia, PA 19102
United States of America

Odessa Technologies provides leasing companies with a range of software solutions that have been designed specifically for leasing.

Online lease management platforms

The company’s LeaseWave technology offers lessors an online lease management platform for accounting and assets.

Users receive a complete eCommerce platform and intuitive interfaces, sources of funding, possible customers, sellers, and other related third-parties.

The intention behind the technology is to take the full spectrum of leasing services online, allowing lessors to operate their businesses with partners in real-time.

There are two ways to use LeaseWave. The first is an application service provider (ASP) as part of a subscription, while the second way is through being installed on the lessors’ central server.

LeaseWave’s automated workflow significantly boosts the efficiency of processes, managing related activities and optimising the workforce’s productivity.

The flexibility of the software enables the accommodation of any work process, including lease application decisions or payments from vendors.

The way an organisation operates can be significantly transformed through decision-making automation, identifying efficiencies and areas to optimise.

Complete automated workflow systems for leasing

LeaseWave can manage the entire lease application process through its automated workflow system, covering every stage. This is in contrast with lease applications ordinarily having to be passed through several departments such as legal or credit before they are eventually approved or rejected.

The platform can also take care of other applications such as ones that exceed certain pre-defined finance limits, which usually require at least two separate visits to the credit department before progressing any further.

The user can easily enter specific data and parameters can on LeaseWave to create customised, automated workflows that can also include different paths and departments.

Automation software for lease application processes

Odessa’s innovative leasing software makes it possible to automate all of an organisation’s workflow processes.

This level of automation gives users a high level of control over workflows and processes, with strict controls available to limit the access of sensitive information to only those that it is permitted for. Planning is simplified through data that is on the system.

Customers are better informed about the progress of their application, as the appropriate manager can quickly check the status on the system, as well as any payments that need to be approved and any consequences for planning of cash-flow.

The technology makes it easier to monitor employee performance and ensures quality control, with the number of credit checks recorded and the amount of time it takes to perform specific tasks.

Flexible workflow software

Through automated workflow software, functionality and flexibility are significantly increased. Performable functions include:

• Accurately replicate actual workflows to ensure efficient management of processes for both front and back office
• Receive applications online or from another specified source
• Establish individual vendor programmes to meet specific needs
• Automate decisions on credit
• Apply pre-determined rules on prices
• Automate decisions based on one or many variables
• Establish limitless workflows for decision processing
• Identify unique requirements and objectives for every workflow stage
• Generation and management of all relevant documents
• Processing of intricate decisions that fully meet the requirements of each case
• Manage and organise the overall system with comprehensive controls over every aspect

Odessa Technologies

Two Liberty Place
50 S 16th St, Ste 2300
Philadelphia, PA 19102
United States of America

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