With more than 30 years of experience in the leasing market, GRENKE is a financing specialist with the industry expertise to offer partners and customers bespoke leases and factoring products.

Grenke is independent of vendors and banks and holds a leading market position in Europe within the area of small-ticket leasing for products such as laptops, printers, telecoms, CCTV, security, catering and medical equipment.

GRENKE focuses on providing the best possible service for customers and partners, including quick and easy processing of lease applications and optimised environments for clients. Our numerous locations allow us to offer a personalised, local service.

Leasing the latest IT equipment for businesses

Businesses in the world today are faced with huge pressures to be innovative in order to remain at the forefront of the market. In order to achieve this, a growing amount of organisations are opting for leases to be able to use advanced IT equipment needed to gain an advantage through solutions such as servers, tablets, and premium telecommunications systems.

The relationships we establish with clients, partners and shareholders are based on values such as honesty, fairness and transparency. Our outlook remains progressive, as is evident from our innovative products and sustainable growth.

Advantages of leasing IT equipment

It is common for a business to spend a considerable amount of money in purchasing new IT systems outright, only for these to quickly become out of date when newer versions are introduced to the market. As computer systems age, they become slower and reduce productivity. In addition, the value of systems decreases significantly over five years.

The advantage of leasing is that it allows for large-scale IT upgrades at a fraction of the cost of buying outright. Systems and equipment can be regularly changed and updated to ensure the very latest products are used for operations.

Leasing gives a business the ability to adapt in order to stay ahead, with flexible finance options eliminating the need for the heavy spending commitment of purchasing systems outright and freeing up capital for use elsewhere. In addition, this method of gaining IT equipment speeds up the effective tax-related lifecycle.

Packages can be customised to ensure the optimum solutions to meet individual requirements of an operation.

About Grenke

GRENKE was established in 1978 in the town of Baden-Baden, south Germany, when Wolfgang Grenke saw the opportunity to set-up a business specialising in equipment leasing. We have since expanded to become a group of companies, covering leasing, banking and factoring solutions for the European market.

We have a long track record of supporting small to medium sized enterprises and this will continue to be a core aspect of what we do.

We make great efforts to keep up to date with the latest technologies and practices to create conditions to increase growth further. Clients are also able to take advantage of this by using our services to deploy the latest IT software and equipment to streamline their operations, helping maximise revenue.

To provide the best services to clients, we have set-up a quality management system that has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standards. In addition, we have a firm commitment towards the continual improvement of our products and services.