In the world of financial services software, Copernicus stands out from the crowd in a way that its growing global customer base appreciates.

The company’s technical expertise is backed up with the highest level of personal service and the people clients work on a day-to-day basis are people who understand the technical aspects of coding.

When it comes to problem-solving and developing smart software that can be implemented quickly and effectively, the Copernicus team speak from firsthand knowledge of what is involved and how long it will take. Working one-to-one with client’s leadership team and their IT experts, valuable time is taken out of the process and replaced with smart, elegant solutions that work ‘out of the box’.

Our success is about our clients success, turning their business goals into reality, energetically and with a smile.

Headquartered in the UK and with an office in the US, ‘Team Copernicus’ prides itself on its ‘can do’ hands-on approach and capacity to develop technology to suit the needs of customers from the very large to the more modest and has been doing this since 1982 very successfully

Helping lenders, lessors, brokers and more

Copernicus’s core software platforms match the way the business operates. Both are highly flexible and in today’s highly disruptive operating environment, where the ‘legacy’ timeframes associated with legacy systems are getting ever shorter, this versatility and adaptability are increasingly important.

Whether it is a full operating platform or an API ‘plug-in’ and regardless of scale, Copernicus’ agile methodology is not only geared to the way software is developed; it also applies to the way it is launched and supported.

From full systems to more modest tools, Copernicus’s thinking is making a difference. Here is an overview of the team’s depth of expertise.


Solar is Copernicus’s core operating platform that has been developed with the versatility to be customised to meet specific customer requirements.

A web-native platform, Solar supports the complete range of asset financing activities such as pricing, administration, accounting and reporting.

Customers gain the ability to be in complete control of their business operations from start to finish, covering management of proposals, collections, maintenance and inspections.

Standard products include hire purchase (HP), lease, loan, operating lease and contract hire. Optional products are available such as equalised repayments, cost-plus financing (Murabaha), and bill and collect (disclosed and undisclosed).

The platform has sophisticated ‘decisioning’ and credit scoring facilities, which can be used, for example, to ensure that certain criteria have been achieved before allowing progress of the workflow. Consistency is ensured right through a contract’s lifespan by the platform’s powerful calculations engine, which handles pricing, income, variable rates and settlements.

Solar is adaptable to be used for any structure of payments and numerous drawdowns, as well as additional intricate cash flows that may include commissions and insurance.

Solar is an easy-to-use solution that runs on a standard web browser with controls that users are already familiar with. It is available as either a hosted solution or as an in-house system, which may be the preferred option for larger clients.

Beyond these core capabilities, Solar provides a host of other features, including marketing and flexibility to cope with different currencies, taxation regimes and geographical nuances.


A clever leasing and loan calculator tool that runs on a smartphone, JUKI is available on a standalone or API basis. Fast, flexible, ‘brandable’ and adaptable to the needs of local currencies, this smart piece of software is even available for a free ‘test-drive’ so that clients can find out how effective it can be.

The test drive has proved to be an ideal way for many customers to get to know how Copernicus thinks and works. Smaller businesses, concerned about their ROI can step into the Copernicus world with confidence.

As well as the business’ software expertise, many clients take advantage of Copernicus’ consultancy service to complement their own resources and accelerate the pace of change towards a digital solution that helps drive their efficiency and productivity.

Global Reach

Copernicus is a global business proud to work in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Years of experience has taught the Copernicus team how to embrace each market’s distinctive needs in terms of regulatory, technical and cultural nuances and how to tackle it.

Allocating the right, expert resources to each project and investing continuously in resources such as understanding taxation and reporting requirements means that helping customers, regardless of geography, is second nature to how Copernicus collaborate.