Cloud Lending Solutions (CLS) offers an integrated Cloud-based leasing platform to simplify all aspects of the borrowing experience. From contract initiation right through to back office, management lessors are enabled to close leases faster and reduce operational inefficiencies digitally through automation and configuration.

CLS manages cost-effective lease originations, which include all aspects of credit underwriting rules whether by funder or channel. The CLS Leasing platform is ideal for originators wanting to expand into new leasing products or new financing models. Multiple credit underwriting processes, managed by channel, funder, and leasing products, can be accommodated for originators.

If you are a self-financed lessor looking to originate, fund and service your leases, then our Cloud-based solution is there to manage the entire lifecycle, ranging from application to origination, underwriting, servicing, asset recovery and collections.

CLS can also manage insurance aspects, account for revenue, contract maturity / evergreen, and track assets and disposition. New products can be quickly added with different financing products, including finance and operating leases, as well as hire purchase and rental agreements.

Cloud-based lease management solutions

The Cloud Lending Equipment Lease Solution can manage complex accounting, billing, servicing associated with externally funded leases, and enables lessors to easily track investor positions.

The platform is easy-to-configure and can accommodate multiple terms, servicing options and accounting rules.

Contract generation for asset captives

CL Lease™ generates contracts on asset delivery, installation or acceptance for captives who originate and service their leases. Contracts can be managed throughout the lifecycle from location changes, restructures and early termination, to buyouts.

Billing at the asset-schedule level allows lessors to custom-configure invoices for individual customers, and create multiple financing options.

Agile workflows and configurations

Many lessors find they need the ability to adapt lease products, whether that is customising terms or having flexibility around ways to manage assets.

Companies can use CLS to quickly respond to these situations with our user-friendly approach. You can update underwriting rules, respond to regulations and manage document requirements and credit rules by product or funder.

Exceptional lessor experience

We empower companies to provide an outstanding customer experience by quickly solving problems and delivering high-tech support.

With accessible, real-time data, you can make changes and update downstream operations automatically.

Document generation and tracking services

Our platform enables companies to generate proposals, lease documents and track signatures using automated workflow tools, as well as reduce underwriting times and costs.

CLS also improves profit margins by minimising technical, operating, and servicing costs.

Finance reporting capabilities

Our Cloud-based platform allows you to manage lease-specific general ledger reporting.

This includes receivables, income, depreciation, and accruals for accounting purposes, as well as equipment purchases, returns, retirement, and sales.

The platform also manages and accounts for billings, charges, and payments.

Delinquency Management

We proactively work with delinquent accounts to minimise collection risk. Lessors can define automated collection strategy tasks for the entire portfolio or segment by lease type. Collection tasks include automated emails, letters, and messages.

Custom collection queues can also be created for delinquent contracts. These queues can be defined by any contract attribute such as days delinquent, lease type and lease value, and are used by collection agents to manage customer interaction and process immediate payments or record promises to pay.

About Cloud Lending Solutions

Cloud Lending Solutions is the technology of choice for financial institutions leading the next wave of leasing.

Aimed at captive lessors, bank lessors, independent lessors, and vendor finance, our solution can accelerate lease processing, increase application volumes and reduce operational inefficiencies through automation and configuration using our integrated front-to-end leasing platform.

With offices in Bangalore, London, San Mateo and Sydney, Cloud Lending Solutions is empowering financial institutions to improve their leasing experience, as well as process more applications in significantly less time with reduced expenses and a focus on customer satisfaction.