AF-PA was formed to support the Asset Finance and Leasing industry and those professionals who work within it. The AF-PA vision is to give back (through our time, our experience, our thought leadership, mentoring and coaching) to all Asset Finance professionals, local communities and good causes.

What joining AF-PA can mean for you

They say that “it’s not what you know but who you know”.

At AF-PA we believe that success is a combination of the two.

The AFPA enables you to network with new people and with new organisations. We then use WHAT you know to create thought leadership, to share best practice and to help others through our charitable work.

The AF-PA is all about excellence – become a member today and share in the benefits.

Why joining AF-PA can make a difference

• Become part of a recognised asset finance and leasing community
• Network with hundreds of industry contacts
• The opportunity to approach other members for coaching and mentoring
• Contribute to wonderful local community charitable causes

It’s not what you know – it’s who you know

It’s impossible to put a value on the benefits on networking. In addition to mentoring and coaching, we have regular lunch meetings, social events, sports events and formal dinners where you will be able to network with your peers and potential customers.
Improve connections in asset finance

AF-PA was formed to improve connections in the asset finance and leasing sector and use those connections in providing a focus for the industry’s charitable activities.

Each year we organise networking opportunities and charitable fund raising events which help individuals to keep in touch with each other and to widen their own personal networks in a social context, whilst also raising funds for worthwhile causes and having some fun

What are the vision, aims and values of AF-PA

To create opportunities for people working in the Asset Finance and Leasing sector to meet and make business development connections in a relaxed social environment and to raise funds for good causes and local communities, as identified by them.

To give back by raising funds for and highlighting the causes of approved nominated charities identified by our membership. Particularly lesser known organisations which lack a significant funds raising profile.

To organise events for this purpose which enable members and friends of the industry to make new connections.

To deliver an enjoyable AF-PA experience, every time.

To promote the highest professional standards and sharing of best practices within the asset finance and leasing markets.

We help create business development opportunities through a series of charity network events for individuals which facilitate introductions and assist participants to succeed in their careers whilst having fun.

To highlight and raise funds for local charitable causes.

What are our values?

An ethical approach to business generally and the encouragement of best practices with the sector. Being involved with the wider community. Promoting the positives of our industry sector and recognising that every person counts.

• The highest levels of integrity in everything we do
• Deliver a great AF-PA experience… every time.
• Every person counts – supporting everyone to maximise their potential.
• To give back – both in community involvement and through our charitable donations.

Who is AF-PA for?

AF-PA prides itself on an open approach. Membership is open to all individuals within the asset finance, leasing and loan sector. Increasing the numbers of AF-PA members helps to maximise our donations to charity and to keep the organisation vibrant with a strong industry heartbeat.

We encourage anyone who works within, is associated with, or is affiliated to the sector and supports our aims and values to become an AF-PA member. You will be made most welcome.

Although AF-PA is for individuals, many organisations support our activities by offering employee resources, their time, providing meeting facilities, event sponsorship, auction items and raffle prizes too.

How does it work in practice?

We rely on people becoming AF-PA members and/or attending our events in order to raise charitable funds.

Each year we organise and support events, both large and small, to provide the opportunities to network and support good causes. AF-PA is a non-profit organisation with its board members and supporters being volunteers. We endeavour to maximise the value of our member’s donations by achieving low running costs. We thank all our stakeholders for their continued support and look forward to welcoming you as our newest AF-PA member.