ABN AMRO Lease is a bank-owned equipment lessor and financer with operations in the Netherlands, UK, Germany, and Belgium. We offer a broad range of equipment leasing options and finance products and services for SMEs, corporate customers, and institutions of the public sector.

Assets we lease are as diverse as sea containers and tractors, to plant equipment and entire vehicle fleets.

Leasing and equipment finance services

It is our mission to be a leading provider of leasing and equipment finance products and services, delivering sustainable results for customers and shareholders through professionalism and an outstanding customer focus.

We approach our service through setting up a partnership, working closely with customers to create a solution. Our intention is to establish long-term partnerships with clients, as opposed to simply one-off payments.

To maintain and strengthen our position in the Netherlands and win a sizeable share of the European market, our focus is on these specific strategic cornerstones:

• Each client is a promoter: At the core of all our operations is meeting the individual requirements of our customers. We achieve this by having regular conversations and asking for feedback. As a result, our Net Promotor Score has been consistently excellent every year
• Dedicated professionals: we have become experts in the leasing of equipment thanks to many years of industry experience and make extra efforts to further our knowledge in this area to provide customers with a premium service at a competitive price. For example, we are establishing a specialist team dedicated to developing our asset management strategy
• By continuing to develop our partnership with our colleagues from ABN AMRO, we serve our customers faster and better when it comes to equipment finance. This allows us to pursue a sustainable growth strategy in combination with our strategic cornerstones

Optimum leasing options

Our goal is to deliver the optimum leasing options for customers, paying close attention to their individual requirements and operational demands.

We closely monitor the latest developments that are occurring throughout the market and ensure that all client needs and expectations are met.

Behind everything we do is the intention to position ourselves as the leasing and equipment finance business partner of choice. As a consequence of this ethos, we have shown healthy results year after year, ensuring the continuity of the services we provide and consistent improvements.

With our head office in the Netherlands, we employ more than 250 loyal and committed staff.

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