Small and medium-sized enterprises
(SMEs) with an international presence perform better than those
without, according to a
new study by the European Commission

The report, based on a survey of 9,500
companies, showed that international SMEs are more innovative and
create more jobs.

Overall, 26% of internationally-active SMEs
introduced new products or services to their country last year,
compared to 8% for other SMEs. And international SMEs reported
employment growth of 7% compared to 1% for others.

Accordingly, some lessors have expanded their
support to foreign SMEs.

A spokesperson for Crédit Agricole Leasing and
Factoring (CAL&F) said: “For that reason, CAL&F created a
dedicated team to accompany the customers of its international
network for their international financing needs.”

According to CAL&F, since 2007 the number
of international opportunities has grown threefold and the amounts
financed have increased by seven times.

UniCredit Leasing’s network spreads across 17
countries and cross-border and international business have become a
common area for the lessor.

UniCredit Leasing’s head of international
leasing Fabio Mungai said: “What we are doing is to help SMEs
expand their business across these countries.”

The lessor will ask for a corporate guarantee
from the parent company, facilitating the closing of the deal on a
local basis. But before deciding whether to finance an SME project
abroad, the leasing company will take into account the risks and
rewards involved.