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Polly Bindman is a data journalist and sustainable finance reporter based in London. She has worked for Capital Monitor and the New Statesman.

Polly Bindman

Why climate stress tests are not fit for purpose

Scenarios used by central banks to conduct climate-risk stress tests have been criticised as not fit for purpose because they fail to account for severe economic shocks caused by climate “tipping points”.

Shuffling deckchairs on the Titanic: is ESG a redundant concept?

Institutions across the globe have welcomed the ISSB’s much-anticipated inaugural global sustainability standards. However, some industry experts warn that too much focus on standardising data could distract from the urgent need to decarbonise.

How climate denial became the anti-ESG movement 

Vanguard’s recent exit from the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative is more evidence that US Republicans’ anti-ESG movement is having a chilling effect on investors. However, just how far the reactionary movement could hinder the energy transition is unclear.

Why ESG funds are full of fossil fuels (but that’s okay) 

A total of 82.8% of sustainable funds contain at least some exposure to companies producing fossil fuels.

A growing mismatch between financial institutions’ net-zero targets and corporate energy transition plans 

Credible corporate transition plans are few and far between, according to the Carbon Disclosure Project

The “Great Reclassification” of sustainable funds

EU Taxonomy for sustainable investments aims to clamp down on greenwashing in the EU.