Leasing Life Awards

At long last the idea of an industry awards is coming to

If at first you don’t succeed, then try and try again. A few
years ago it was suggested that Leasing Life should
arrange an awards ceremony for the industry. The reaction then
across Europe was, “it’s not part of our culture”, coupled with the
strong implication that it is an “American import”. At the time
Leasing Life was expanding its continental European
coverage and readership, so the idea was dropped.


Persistence at two levels has paid off. The VRL Group’s
successes with other awards evenings, for the card industry in
particular, have been well received across all markets including
Europe. The Leasing Life editorial team has also been
monitoring opinion and have seen huge changes – mainly from a firm
‘no’ before, to an enthusiastic ‘yes’ today. Progress indeed.

As publicity for the awards increases, and companies consider
how they might approach their applications for the various
categories, it might be timely to say something from the judging
panel’s perspective. The judging panel will consist of the LL
Advisory Board (inside the front cover of this magazine), the
magazine’s editor and publisher, plus two eminent industry leaders
– Alain Vervaet, CEO of ING Lease, and Regina Prehofer, CEO of
UniCredit Leasing.

The four “awards” are: The Leasing Deal of the Year, The Vendor
Lessor of the Year, The Leasing Personality of the year, and The
Captive of the Year

Leasing companies have been asked to put their name forward for
each or any of the awards, and for it to be forwarded to the
judges, together with a short summary of why they believe they
should receive the award for any particular category. The judging
panel will be proactive in checking details with the applicants.
Nominations are also welcome, so if you feel that a particular
company has performed well during the past 12 months then with or
without their permission they can be nominated. Again, the panel
will ensure contact is made to see if the company or individual is
willing to be considered for the award.

I hear on the grapevine that some nominations have already been
received, and I am aware of some in the making. We can expect more
activity following the Leaseurope Convention in Edinburgh later
this month. There is also some zest amongst the enthusiasts – I
have already overheard conversations about ‘what to wear’ between
some of the ladies in the industry, and a bubbling enthusiasm (more
than I thought possible) from some sections of the industry about
the opportunity to get together for a super leasing industry
evening before Christmas.

The amusing side to the story is that there is also some concern
from various individuals that selection to attend may be tightly
controlled by their employers, depending or not if that company
expects to receive an award. The good news is that expectations are
developing that December 11 is going to be a “glittering and
vibrant” evening. We have yet to ask the organisers if they are
going to make it a formal black tie evening. Why not, we only have
one formal “get together” each year for the European industry and
we could certainly do with another, particularly in such a great
city as Brussels. See you there.

The author is a principal at The Alta Group