Italy’s leasing, factoring and consumer
credit new production was 11.4 percent down in 2009
compared with the previous year, according to figures recently
published by the country’s associations for the respective sectors
(Assilea, Assifact and Assofin).

The associations reported a new production of
€217 billion in 2009 – with an improvement in the second half of
the year following a 15 percent decline in H1 2009.

The total portfolio at year end was €414
billion, 1.6 percent up compared to end of 2008.

By customer type, businesses accounted for one
third of the new production (through leasing and factoring), whilst
households represented over 60 percent of the total figure. The
public sector had a slight increase and now represents 3.5 percent
over the total.

Antonio Fabrizio