Leasing consultancy IAA-Advisory has released a descriptive book on leasing, explaining the theory and form of the industry up to the present day.

The book is aimed at training requirements, particularly for those who have just entered the leasing and asset finance business.

Each chapter is a ‘stand-alone’ explanation of various aspects of the business of leasing and asset finance and uses ‘generally held’ views of each aspect of the industry, said IAA-Advisory.

A spokesman said: “Recent research shows that leasing, in one form or another, accounts for over 40% of all capital expenditure in the western world. This form of ‘acquisition financing’ for capital equipment is growing in many emerging economies and is shaped in each by the local laws relating to ‘ownership’ and those relating to ‘local taxation’.

“This book examines the features of all the component parts of this business and explains each without the complication of local environments. This gives the reader the basic knowledge to grow the various financial products within their own jurisdiction and shape them to suit their customer’s requirements.”

IAA said that it is also acknowledged that many larger transactions, frequently done under the banner of ‘corporate finance’ are in fact leases in one form or another.

“We encourage the expansion of the interpretation of leasing; its spread of influence in the way that major projects are undertaken takes it into “the most influential” sector of the world of banking,” said a spokesman. “Historically it is also one of the most secure sectors of the business.”

The book can be obtained from booksellers and on Amazon, or via the directors at IAA-Advisory, who said quantity discounts were available.