Remarketing group Aston Barclay has rebranded its three auction
sites, and has announced its intentions to increase market share in
the fleet, dealer and light commercial vehicle remarketing

As part of the rebrand, the auction company will provide a new
online service at,
where leasing companies and manufacturer vendors will be able to
access sites at Prees Heath, Westbury and Chelmsford.

Les Scarborough, Aston Barclay’s chief executive, explained:
“Prees Heath and Westbury offer vendors sites that geographically
aren’t served by any other auction supplier, while our new site at
Chelmsford has scope to extend beyond its strong following among
dealer and light commercial vendors,”.

“Selling around 60,000 vehicles each year for a number of high
profile vendors effectively makes us the third largest remarketing
company in England. We don’t envisage becoming the largest
remarketing company or indeed buying the largest supplier in the
market, but our three sites are all set for steady growth over the
coming years,” he added.

Fred Crawley