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Balancing Risk and Reward: AI in Equipment and Auto Finance

The first in a series of papers published by Alfa, ‘Balancing Risk and Reward: AI in Equipment and Auto Finance’ explores the proven benefits and risks which must be considered by an asset finance organisation seeking to incorporate AI strategies into its business.

Balancing Risk and Reward is available to download now at

By Martyn Tamerlane, Solution Architect, Alfa.

As AI becomes more widespread in equipment and auto finance, many providers are making sure they won’t be left behind.

Part 1 of our series on AI in equipment and auto finance, Balancing Risk and Reward, explores the reasons why AI can provide solutions that are superior to those which use conventional methods.

We discuss various industry-specific use cases, and how AI solutions can offer not just great reward, but also great risk. Finally, we share the ways we innovate using AI here at Alfa.


Why AI?

AI has been found to be highly suited to many subject areas where forecasting and pattern recognition is profitable or facilitates cost reduction.

With an explosion of data and computing resources available to us, alongside mature machine learning methods, it has become cheaper to experiment with solutions and, ultimately, productionise them.


AI-as-a-service has removed the need for an intimate understanding of how machine learning works. As a result, large-scale projects are no longer required for AI-enabled business impact to be transformative.

AI-as-a-service reduces up-front cost and allows you to concentrate on the parts of the process that form the core of the solution.


‘Balancing Risk and Reward’ is the first in a series of papers on AI in the industry. We’ll review things further in 2020.

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