BLX is a small-ticket asset finance lender providing finance to SMEs, start-up businesses and customers with an impaired credit history.

The company provides re-finance facilities and funding for assets being acquired from dealers.

As part of a significant expansion phase, BLX is offering an opportunity for asset finance salespeople to run their own finance brokerages under BLX’s FCA permissions – very easily and at no cost:

• Be your own boss
• No up-front or monthly fees to pay
• Free broking CRM system provided

BLX is currently appointing broker and lender salespeople as Appointed Representatives; this allows you to run your own broking business but use the FCA permissions of BLX and therefore be able to write regulated deals.

There are no restrictions on market sector or geographical area, all you need are the contacts for new business and the motivation to run your own business.

The barriers to entry as a start-up finance broker are now more complicated and expensive than ever. As an Appointed Representative of BLX, you would be a stand-alone business, choosing your own trading name and style, and free to broke to funders of your choice (BLX also has access to over 100 lenders in all market sectors). You would be able to set up your business within a matter of days.

You will be provided with a bespoke CRM system specifically designed for broking and this will be provided to you free of charge. The only cost to you will be when BLX takes a small (10%) percentage of the commission earned by you from any regulated deal completed with a third-party lender.

The only operational requirement BLX stipulates is that any ‘difficult’ or sub-prime enquiry is passed to BLX for consideration.

Becoming an Appointed Representative of BLX is a very easy, fast and cost-effective way for you to set up your own broking business. Call now for an initial chat on +44 1223 836 905.