Basil Bannayi

Managing director of Surrey Asset Finance / Close
Print Finance

Surrey Asset Finance  (1992 – present)

What was your first
ever job?

Selling shirts in a shirt
shop near Cannon Street, aged 16. It was called AJ Neale and Co,
and I was sacked after my month’s probation.

Where is the best
place to go if you want to find out what’s really going on in the

Going for lunch with the
girls in our new business department.

What time do you
usually leave the office?

Usually between 5.30pm and

What’s your
favourite restaurant?

Nina’s at the Arabian Court
in Dubai.

What do you do at

Between the months of March
and October, I race my motorbike. This year my team won the 1000cc
HMRC Endurance Championship.

Who is your mentor
or role model?

David Dine, one of my
business partners at Surrey Asset Finance. He hasn’t got a clue
why, but he’s simply brilliant and I learn something new from him
every day. Some of it is even about finance.

Basil Bannyl

What’s one of the
best things about your job?

Working with friends who I
trust and who trust me.

If you weren’t in
your current job, what would you have been?

I would have been some sort
of property developer or landlord.

What’s the toughest thing
about your job?

Somehow making a little bit
more money than the previous year – so far we have managed this
since 1992.

What’s your biggest
work/career mistake?

Leaving it so late to start
Surrey Asset Finance in 1992 – I was 28 years old.

What cars do you

Porsche 911 and a BMW

What book are you
currently reading?

MCN Circuit Guide.

What’s on your CD
player or MP3 player at the moment?

A compilation put together
by my wife from her iPod. She seems to think I like ‘gangsta